Test Your Smartphone English Skills! (exercise included!)

The internet has changed the way we communicate. We are now living in what is called “the information age.”

Through email, social networks, websites, forums, and chat messaging, we communicate faster than ever. More information is available to more people in the world than ever before. People are reading more, and becoming more aware of world events. However, some people worry that the content on the internet is low quality, and so we are not really benefitting from it as much as we think.

Part of these changes in our methods of communication has to do with the way we express ourselves in writing.  Some people worry that we will soon forget how to write full words and sentences correctly because we practice it less and less. This is because SMS and chat messaging using a tiny telephone keyboard has resulted in a new internet “language” , using English acronyms, abbreviations and numbers to represent words and phrases. You may be familiar with some common forms of these such as “LOL” or “BRB”, which translates to “laughing out loud” and “be right back”, respectively. This new language is called SMS language, also known as “textese” (wikipedia.org) or “textspeak” (dictionary.reference.com).

You will notice that SMS language, like most of the internet, is rooted in the English language. It is possible to access popular sites like Facebook, Amazon or Pinterest in hundreds of different languages, as these websites have hundreds of people working to translate them. However many smaller websites, indeed many legitimate news websites as well as popular shopping websites, are largely only available in English.

In addition, since the internet was originally created in English and first became widespread in the United States, it has become the most common language on the internet (internetworldstats.com).  This is very interesting, because despite being known as the most common business and internet language,  English is only the 3rd most common language spoken in the world, after Mandarin and Spanish! (alsintl.com)

English is a language that is constantly evolving. We can see this through the hundreds of different types of English spoken in the world, but also through slang words and even new words invented due to changing technologies. For example, it is now possible to use the name of a website or other nouns as a verb, as in “I googled the train schedule” or “Sally friend requested me yesterday.” Because of the unique ability of the English language to change like this, these new verbs are starting to be adopted by other languages!

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