Cradled by Spanish conversations within my family, from very early on my attraction for foreign languages began. Later at school, I developed a real passion for the English language.

From early on, Language studies trips to England became regular. Ifinally decided to live there, working at the time as a bilingual secretary. This is when I did my first translations and when my vocation was born. Simultaneously to my job, I went back to education, part-time and studied International Marketing. Each year, I climbed-up the ladder of an international company until I was finally promoted Marketing and Communication Manager. My functions included mainly translations of marketing and communication tools, and I was also the company’s liaison interpreter.

At the age of 30, back to France, I felt the need to convert into teaching activities. Since I could not afford to go back to a lengthy university education, I opted for a short training course dedicated to Foreign Languages Teachers. During two years, I taught French and English in private schools, in various companies as well as to individual people at their home.

Being often asked by my immediate circle to help them, I made voluntary translations such as CV’s, letters of motivation, business correspondence and tourism related documents.

After a succession of short-term contracts, I turned back to a stable position within the international marketing department of a pharmaceutical company. For my greatest pleasure, my main function was the translation of the communication and marketing tools.

At the age of 40, I took the decision to devote my professional career to the translation professions only.

To make my dream come true, when my daughter was born, I took a three year parental leave during which I combined family life and universities studies at the Nice Sophia Antipolis University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish, then a master’s degree in translations.

Since September 22nd of 2014, I work as a professional and independent translator.

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